Monthly Archives: July 2012

Be Yourself.

Written By:The Poet Of Lonelyness

Be true .

Be happy.

Be yourself.

Don’t be mean.

Don’t be rude.

Be yourself.


The Dark Of Night.

written By:The Poet Of Lonelyness.

Who knows what happens?

Who knows what roams?

I don’t.

who knows what there is ?

who knows what there isn’t?

I don’t.

In the dark of night.

Who knows what happens?

Who knows why?

I don’t.

In the dark of night.


Written By;The Poet Of Lonelyness

War is pain .

War is long.

It is labouring hard work.

War is strength and fear.

War is victory and loss.

It’s the sun shining down on you.

It’s cold, sleepless nights.

War is terrifying, but eventually the terror ends.

But not forever.


written By:The Poet Of Lonelyness

We are all different .

We all have different beliefs.

It is good to be different.

If  everyone was the same the world  would be boring.

Our differences bring us new languages new people.

Without our diferences the world would be bleak ,boring and lifeless.

If we were not different then we would not be ourselves.

We are all different , unique our own person.



Who am I ?

Writen By : The Poet Of Lonelyness.

Who I am is a mystery.

I don’t even know.

I am not myself.

I am someone else.

Who am I?

Nobody reconizes me.

No one knows me.

They think who are they.

Who am I?

If I am not myself then am I someone else?

If I am not human am I something else?

If nobody knows me then do they know me as someone else?

If I am not myself then……………